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Water Damage

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Water Damage Repair in Washington DC

Water damage in your DC home can be a disaster. Whatever the cause, you need professional water damage repair Washington DC. At Green Choice Carpet of Washington DC, our water damage repair services include cleaning, drying and disinfecting. So, what should you expect from us?

The first step is to be at your home quickly and perform an assessment of the severity of the damage. This is important since it assists us to determine what we need to start the repair. We give you a free appointment for one of our staff members to come to your house, perform the assessment and give you a free quote. During this assessment, we assess the state of the structure and the contents of your house that have been affected by the water.

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Water Removal

To stop the spread of water damage we quickly remove all standing by using industrial grade water pumps and vacuums. Getting all standing water removed is a big first step, but water damaged areas must be completely quickly to stop mold growth. To achieve this we bring in large blowers to speed up the drying process. We use these fans until we are sure that the area is thoroughly dry of water.

Dehumidification and Moisture Removal

We use a dehumidifier that to speed up the removal of moisture in the damaged area. This will also inhibit the growth of bacteria. Our aim is to make sure that all the water damage are fully dried so the restoration process can begin. Carpet and rug drying might provide a challenge, which is the reason that we might have to clean and dry it at our factory. At our factory we can give your carpets and rug a thorough rinsing with clean water and clean and disinfect them so they are clean and free of bacteria and odors.

Rug Cleaning

Final Thoughts

We understand the damage that water can bring to your home. If you leave this damage to stay for more than 48 hours, mold can start to grow which will drive up the cost of repairs. Call us to at  1-202-556-2825 get safe water damage restoration in DC in the shortest time possible.

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