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If affordability and quality of service are the most important factors that you want in a rug cleaning company in Washington DC, Green Choice Carpet of Washington DC is team that you want We specialize in cleaning area rugs, including Persian and Oriental rugs. We have a trained staff and state of the art rug cleaning factory that gives each rug we clean a deep cleaning that removes dust and stains. Because we perform all the work in our factory, our prices are lower than our competitors who have to pay a third party to clean their rugs.

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For the best results, consumers should always hire an experienced professional to clean their rugs. Green Choice Carpet of Washington DC puts their employees through hours of extensive training for rug cleaning and keeps them up-to-date on new and improved methods. If you give your rug to an inexperienced cleaner, they can easily damage the rug by using the wrong cleaning detergent or cleaning process.

When you call Green Choice about your rug cleaning, we can make an appointment to send one of our cleaning technicians to your house free of charge and give you a cleaning quote. They will look at any stains you have, odors that are coming from your rugs and will carefully examine the rug to determine what type of materials its made from. All of this information will then be used to generate an accurate and affordable quote for your rug cleaning.

Rug Cleaning

Our Cleaning Rug Process

Once you hire us, we will at no charge pick up your rug and bring it to our cleaning factory. After examining your rug, we will start the cleaning process. First we dust the rug to remove the loose dust. After dusting, we place the rug in a cleaning pool and let it soak. This removes any dust left in the pile and also removes stains and odors from the rug fiber. We then hand wash the rug to work the cleaning detergent deep into the pile and give each fiber a thorough cleaning. Once the fibers are clean of dust and grit, you will be amazed at how great your rug looks again. Once clean, we rinse the rug to remove any dirt water and place it in our powerful centrifuge drying machines that removes 95% of the water in the rug. Finally, we place the rug in our custom drying room to speed the drying of your rug. When you rug is dry, we will call you and bring the rug back to you at no extra charge.

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Regardless of what type of rug you own or how old it is, Green Choice Carpet of Washington DC, one of the best rug cleaning DC companies in the market, will provide exceptional cleaning services for affordable prices.

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